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U | 19 Jul, 2002 102 Votes

2 hrs 50 min | Drama, Romantic

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Shiva (Vijay) is a cook whose bride, Aruna (Sindhu Menon), elopes on their wedding night with her lover. He then moves to Chennai to look for a job where he meets Sandya (Shaheen Khan). After several occasions, he falls in love with her only to later discover that she has been engaged to an engineer, Pratap (Yugendran). On her birthday party, she announces her engagement leading Shiva into a lonely corner. When she goes to him, he confesses his love. Shocked, she asks him to forget her.

Meanwhile, Aruna tries to suicide because her lover abandoned her and left her penniless. Shiva takes her from the police station to her family. Later Aruna meets Pratap and realises that the guy who left her is now Sandhy`a fiance.

On the night of the wedding, Sandya realises her love for Shiva and tells her father she does not want to marry Pratap. However, her father refuses and she asks Shiva to elope with her.

Whether the two unite, or Pratap marries Sandya, forms the rest of the story.