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UA | 03 Jun, 2016

Youth has the power to bring about a change

2 hrs 2 min | Drama, Romantic, Suspense

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The story revolves around six characters who share a deep friendship. During a college festival they are assigned with a street play project which on presentation receives appreciation and wins the first prize. In order to celebrate these friends plan a road trip to Goa.
It is during this journey that they witness the agony of people, birds and animals affected by drought. Moved by it, they inquire about government aid that is supposed to be given to the affected villages.
It with the help of Yuvrajs father, a minister, that they get to know of the aid sanctioned by the government. The group shares the news with the villagers and proceed to their destination for the picnic, only to return and realize no aid has been sent.

Have the villagers been cheated? Will there be justice for the victims?

Watch to find out.