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- | 09 Dec, 1994

Action, Crime

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Judge Somnath lives with his wife, three sons and a daughter. He wanted his sons to become a doctor, a police inspector and a judge. Vikram is a surgeon, Mohan is a police inspector and Ravi is studying law to become a judge.
But the family has a dark secret about Ravi. His short temper had made him take away the life of a child in school.
Therefore when Kaamna is raped, the family is reluctant to tell Ravi. However, the family convinces him to stay under control and Mohan gets an arrest warrant for Vinod, Kaamna`s molester.
Things turn sour when the case is delayed for months and Kaamna and Somnath die in a bomb explosion.
The rest is the series of killings that follow when Ravi escapes on the day of the funeral.