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U | 09 Feb, 2018

1 hrs 30 min | Drama


Zelya is a twelve year school going kid who aspires to become a professional footballer. But his parents Shankar and Sawaji don't encourage him and wants him to concentrate more on his studies as he is their only hope for a better life. His teacher Morbale is the only one who supports him.

As poverty takes its toll on Zelya's family, he is forced to leave his school and starts to help Shankar in making ends meet. One day, while driving the cattle, Zelya gets seriously wounded. The teacher and neighbors advise Shankar to take Zelya to a hospital, but he refuses and instead sticks to traditional medicine practices and rituals. Due to Shankar's ignorance, Zelya suffers a lifelong tragedy and how this incident affects the entire family is what the film is all about.