Abinandhan Ramanujam

  • Cinematographer

Also Known as: Abhinandhan Ramanujam, Abhinand Ramanujam, Abinanadan Ramanujam

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Abinandhan Ramanujam is a cinematographer from Chennai, who entered the limelight a couple years ago. A passionate student of film, he got his big break with Lijo Jose Pellissery who invited him to work on Amen (2013) a Malayalam romantic comedy. From the get go Ramanujam`s shots have left audiences star struck, sometimes more so than the story of the film itself. Ramanujam claims to have a strong interest in travelling which motivates him to capture locations through distinctive shots. This is particularly visible in Double Barrel (2015), a Malayalam gangster comedy set in Goa. Ramanujam focused on the more rustic parts of Goa, and showcased a side of it previously unknown. He is attracted to unconventional narratives and experimenting, and is inspired by director Stanley Kubrick. His other works include the Tamil film Kavan (2017) and the Hindi film Yeh Hai Bakrapur (2014). His other release includes Kaappaan (Guardian) and Happy Sardar.