Atif Aslam

  • Actor, Singer

Mar 12, 1983  in Punjab, Pakistan

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Atif Aslam is the biggest superstar in the history of music industry. He is a versatile artist who`s ability to adapt and mould into any genre of music is unique and matchless. With a soulful voice and a humble presence, he continues to behave as a regular Pakistan guy offstage and an ultimate rockstar onstage it`s his ability to sing any genre with absolute ease

takes a breath away. He is not only a naturally gifted vocalist, he is the ability

to attract legions of admires to his concert. With a natural ability to perform

and entertain, his live performances are a symbol of his charismatic presence

that continues to win heart world over. He is Atif Aslam, the most unique

vocalist out there and to some, the best vocalist. To his fans he is not only a

great singer or good vocalist to them he is peer less, he is unique and they

feel its unjustified when he is compared with anyone. Just like Atif Aslam,

His fans are also unique.