Govind Menon

  • Actor, Director, Writer, Music, Producer, Screenplay

Oct 29, 1988  in Kerala, India

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One of the founding members of the popular Kerala-based musical band Thaikkudam Bridge, Govind Menon aka Govind Vasantha is a composer, violinist and playback singer.

He first rose to prominence when the multi-genre band Thaikkudam Bridge became an overnight sensation in 2013, and subsequently debuted as a music director in Malayalam cinema with the road movie North 24 Kaatham (2014). Since then, Govind has scored the music for several movies in Malayalam and Tamil cinema, notable among which are the romantic comedy 100 Days of Love (2015), the bilingual anthology movie Solo (2017), the romantic drama 96 (2018) and the drama film Seethakaathi (2018).
Did you Know?
Govind Menon, like most stand-up artists, had a troubled childhood. Growing up on the mean streets of Mira Road, the only thing he had going for him was his curly hair. Having recently hit puberty, not much has changed except that instead of his diary, Menon now uses a mic to document the ridiculous events that make up his life. Some of these events also happen to be funny. Popularly known as poor man`s Kanan Gill, Menon is now realizing that most poor people do not know Kanan. So he is making a serious effort to actually be funny. You are invited to see the progress for yourself.