Pallavi Chatterjee

  • Actor

Born in India

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In a career spanning close to three decades, Bengali actress Pallavi Chatterjee has appeared in several films and television shows, primarily in supporting roles. Some of her best known acting credits include Amar Prem (1989), Ek Mutho Chabi (2005), Dosar (2006) and Aborto (2013). Besides these, Pallavi has also appeared in tv movies like Joto Kando Kathmandute (1996) and Onnyo Basanto (2015). Other significant feature movie credits include Putushottam (1992), Yugant (1995), Khaad (2014) and Guha Manab (2017). Her 2019 releases include Shah Jahan Regency, Thai Curry and Sesher Golpo.