Paresh Vora

  • Producer

Jan 01, 1980  in Gujarat, India

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A veteran theatre artist, an entrepreneur, and producer, Paresh Vora has been working as an actor since 19 years and over the years has won many awards including the Best Actor award at the Chitralekha drama competition in 2011. The founder of Brainbox Studios, Paresh Vora has also performed at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The actor-turned-producer is associated with the 2018 film Reva, a Gujarati drama directed by Rahul Bole.
Did you Know?
Paresh Vora is a dedicated young actor and writer. He is doing theatre as an actor since 19 years. He has won many awards for acting and writing during this journey including ``Best Actor`` in Chitralekha drama competition 2011 & won 1st best script ``Shavar`` in Bhavai (Maharashtra Gujarat sahitya akadami). He is founder of Brainbox Studios. Acting and performing is passion of his life. Acting and performing is a very significant part of his life. There is always something add to performance and something new he discover about his character. He has performed in National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) center stage festival in Mumbai for last five years and also participated in national school of drama (NSD) in Delhi.