Pradeep Welankar

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Marathi actor Pradeep Welankar has a stellar career spanning over four decades during which he explored all the spheres of entertainment including theatre in addition to films and TV serials. While initially associated with the theatre group Rangagyan, he soon moved to TV and made his debut in the serial Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya (1972). His various roles in Marathi plays like Barrister, Ratra Udyachi, One Room Kitchen, and Rang Umalatya Manache have earned him widespread recognition in the industry. He also appeared in Bollywood films Singham and Page 3. Apart from this, the telefilm Shahani Sakal also made him quite popular among the masses, before he joined the cast in the film Parakh Natyanchi. His 2018 release includes Bucket List. His 2019 release includes Ek Nirnay...Swatahacha Swatasathi, Aasud and Aakrandan.