Rajshree Nayar

  • Actor

Born in India

Also Known as: Rajshri Nair

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Rajshree Nayar, also credited has Rajshree Nair in her films is an Indian actress and director who primarily works in south Indian films, especially in Telugu cinema, apart from a few Hindi and Tamil films. Having started her career on the silver screen with Abodh, a Hindi drama directed by Hiren Nag in 1984, she subsequently starred in Hindi films like Hamari Jung (1987), and Sun Sajna (1990), before eventually going down south.

Her first film in the south Indian industry was the popular film, Karuththamma (1995), a Tamil drama directed by the stalwart direct Bharatiraja. She played one of the leads in the film and her role was much appreciated by the critics and the audience both. Following the success of Karuththamma, Rajshree juggled between working in south and Bollywood movies, she starred in films like Hyderabad Blues (1998), Megasandesam (2001) and Ravanprabhu (2001). Post-2001, the actress was away for nearly 10 years, before eventually making her comeback with Grandmaster, a Malayalam mystery thriller in 2012.

With her comeback, Rajshree played mostly motherly roles and some of her notable films post-2012 include Kanthari (2015), Jamna Pyari (2015), Ninnu Kori (2017) and Chalthe Chalthe (2018), a Telugu drama romance directed by Pradeep K.K. Apart from acting, Rajshree has also directed a film in Tu HI Mera Ganga in 1999, which remains her solitary directorial venture.