Saleel Kulkarni

  • Director, Writer, Music

Oct 06, 1972  in Pune, Maharashtra, India

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One of the most popular musical artists in the Marathi film industry, Saleel Kulkarni is a composer, singer and an author. Saleel had an affinity for music since a very early age, he sang the Marathi prose `Jayostute` on the All India Radio, Pune when he was just three years old. Later, he took lessons in singing and composing music under the tutelage of eminent personalities like Jaymalabhai Shiledar, Pramod Marathe, and Gangadharbuva Pimpalkhare.

Having completed his graduation in medicine, he worked as a doctor before making it big in the film industry as a music artist. He composed many songs for Hindi and Marathi films, serials and albums even while he was practicing doctor. Having started his musical career with composing and singing single albums and rose to fame when he sang Ayushyawar Bolu Kahi in 2003. The song not only earned him wide appreciation but also got him many opportunities to sing in films and serials.

The popular singer-composer, Saleel has worked in several Marathi films and some of his popular film credits include Jana Gana Mana, Dhaage Dore, Vitthal Vitthal, Chakwa, Anandi Anad, Housefull and his 2018 release includes Monkey Baat, a Marathi family comedy directed by Viju Mane. His 2019 release includes Wedding Cha Shinema.