Silajit Majumder

  • Actor, Music, Singer

Oct 09, 1965  in India

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Silajit Majumder is an Indian playback singer, music director, actor and lyricist, who is known for his work in the Bengali and Hindi film industries. He released his first solo album in 1994 named Bhoomika. Over the years he has released more than half a dozen albums like Thik Ekhan e (1996), X=Prem (2000), X=2Prem (2001), Lal Matir Sorane (2003) and Rimjhim (2004). Silajit made his debut as a music director with Chupkatha (2012). Over the years he has lent his voice to songs in movies like Kidnapper (2013), Rupkatha Noy (2013), Jomer Raja Dilo Bor (2015), Shororipu (2016) and Jawker Dhan (2017). Apart from being a singer and music director, Silajit has also acted in movies like Asukh (1999), Mahulbanir Sereng (2004), Chha-e Chhuti (2009), Bye Bye Bangkok (2011), Chupkatha (2012), Hemlock Society (2012), Half Serious (2013) and Highway (2014).