Surekha Kudachi

  • Actor

Born in India

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Surekha Kudachi is an Indian actress and lavni dancer who is known for her work in the Marathi film industry. The actress who started her career in the mid-1990s over a period of 20 years has acted in more than 25 Marathi and Hindi films. Apart from acting on the big screen, Surekha has also appeared in Marathi TV series' and nataks. Some of her most popular films includes Saasuchi Maaya (1997), Polisachi Bayko (2004), Bharat Aala Parat (2008), Khurchi Samrat (2010), Teen Bayka Fajiti Aika (2012) and Premaya Namah (2017). Her 2018 release includes Atrocity and Gotya.