Tumkur Mohan

  • Actor

Born in India

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Making his debut in the film industry with the classic crime-drama, Om in 1995, Tumkur Mohan is an Indian actor, known for his work mainly in the Kannada film industry. His acting credits include movies like A: Film by Upendra (1998), Upendra (1999), H2O (2002), Super Star (2002), Appu (2002), Abhi (2003), Aakash (2005), Hudugata (2007), Bhoopathi (2007), Vamshi (2008), Veera Madakari (2009), Super (2010), Porki (2010), 18th Cross (2012), Jayammana Maga (2013), Brahma (2014), Ganapa (2015), Uppi 2 (2015), Sharp Shooter (2015), Lodde (2015), and Goa (2015).

In 2018 Mohan acted in director Vinay Krishna's action thriller, Seizer. The cast also includes Chiranjeevi Sarja, V. Ravichandran, Parul Yadav, Ramesh Bhat and Prakash Raj in important roles.