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Housefull 4

25 Oct, 2019
2 hrs 22 mins
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When 6 lovers are parted because of conspiracy and revenge in the year 1419, the characters cross paths again in 2019. However, in the present life the 3 boys are about to marry their sisters-in-law and the pairings are in the wrong order. Destiny repeats itself when the 3 couples who are choosing their wedding destination all land up in Sitamgarh again, where it all began. Will they remember their past lives in time for marriage or will they be stuck with the wrong lovers forever? Housefull 4 is coming to confuse you, put you on a laughing riot and take you through the grandeur of 1419 with a spark of 2019. Come & witness this Epic Reincarnation Comedy.
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Housefull 4 is about the mistaken identities, goofy plans, and some silly, and sometimes hilarious punches. ...Read full review
Overall, Housefull 4 ends up as a complete mad caper. Which, if you`re a fan of the Housefull brand of comedy, might appeal to you. ...Read full review
HOUSEFULL 4 is a major disappointment and suffers on the account of poor writing and vacuous screenplay. ...Read full review
Housefull 4 is a mildly funny reincarnation comedy with a lot of forgettable slapstick humour. ...Read full review
The film is a reincarnation comedy. If you have followed the franchise and have seen the trailer of Housefull 4, you know what you are in for ...Read full review
This reincarnation comedy has a lot of crass humour and some of it is even homophobic ...Read full review
Housefull 4 is a good watch for Diwali when you certainly want something funny happening around you and not the characteristic day-to-day stress of the other 360 days of the year. ...Read full review