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He Found The Girl Of His Dreams, He Fell In Love And He Got Married... To All Three


30 Apr, 2010
2 hrs 35 mins
321 votes
5 161
4 58
3 41
2 16
1 35
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`Housefull` is a romantic comedy entertainer which narrates the story of Aarush - the world`s unluckiest man. Being jinxed he believes his bad luck can vanish if he finds true love. In this quest for true love how one lie leads to another and how different people from different walks of life come together adding even more confusion to this hilarious comedy of errors resulting in total chaos and mayhem. As Deepika tells Akshay in the film `Jis jhooth se kissi ka ghar basta ho, voh jhooth jhooth nahin hota``.
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In the climax of Housefull, laughing gas is let free in a roomful of people in Buckingham Palace. Theres your entire principal cast and foreign junior artistes including one playing Queen Elizabeth II who says Jai Maharashtra for some weird reason and they all start laughing uncontrollably, even though they are angry or upset or just irritated with each other. As a viewer, you are angry, upset and irritated too. You are just not laughing uncontrollably. Or laughing at all actually. ...Read full review
`Housefull` is the kind of pedestrian comedy that makes `Singh Is King` feel like a Woody Allen gem. It`s the kind of film that will stop at nothing to get a laugh out of you. So a monkey is slapped and punched, a black baby becomes the butt of a racist joke, and the words `homo` and `gay` are used liberally as a form of insult. The humor here is strictly low-brow and the gags mostly slapstick. It doesn`t help that the director plagiarizes many of his jokes directly from popular American comedies like `Night at the Museum` and `Meet The Parents`, and even whacks an old gag involving a vacuum cleaner gone beserk from the `Mr Bean` TV series. ...Read full review
Sajid Khan returns after the success of Heyy Baby, a spilt milkfood and soiled diaper soiree that did manage to tickle your funny bone with its infant histrionics. With Housefull, he doesn`t stray much and tries to create a similar riot of hilarious episodes, centred around two couples - Akshay Kumar-Deepika Padukone and Riteish Deshmukh-Lara Dutta. Trouble lies not so much with the couples as with their relatives: Lara`s estranged Pappa, Boman Irani and Deepika`s angry brother, Arjun Rampal. Can the boys manage to win their beloved`s parivar walas? Not an easy task, specially when both are losers of sorts and don`t have the mandatory big house, big money, big lifestyle.... ...Read full review
Call it fun, crazy or time-pass there are times when you pine for films that don`t tax the mind; the kind of films that defined the Manmohan Desai-Prakash Mehra era. You don`t look for logic in these entertainers because they deliver exactly what they promise big stars, lavish canvas, slick look-and-feel, foot-tapping songs and dollops of laughter. ...Read full review
HOUSEFULL narrates the story of Aarush [Akshay Kumar], the world`s unluckiest man. Being jinxed, he believes his bad luck can vanish if he finds true love. In this quest for true love, he gets married to the daughter [Jiah Khan] of a wealthy businessman Kishore Samtani [Randhir Kapoor]. But there`s a twist in the tale ...Read full review