Ek Ant Ki Shuruaat

Ek Ant Ki Shuruaat

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Aamhi theatre - `EK ANT KI SHURUAAT` ( 2 one-act plays of 40 min each)

Rashtra (HINDI)
Original story by renowned Marathi writer Shri. C.P. Deshpande
Concept of the play: Sandeep Paranjape
Hindi translation by Shri. Deevas Gupta.

Politics is a game without a methodical win or a careful loss, where a win or a loss is always momentary. A timeless tale of a democratic setup conveyed using storytelling style, which will surprise every common man, with the twists and turns of the story as it unfolds. A story, where a male political party and a female political party in a power struggle, where voters are eunuchs, where one may not be aware of what is going to unveil in front of you. Politics is a never-ending game, where scapegoats are always the voters.

This play tries to describe the most elementary thought behind the smallest to the biggest political games, strive for an eternal win. Whatever we all think, see, listen or speak, can lead us to the dirtiest game plans ever designed and still win is never-lasting. Any change of power is always an end of old story and beginning of a new story.

Swami (HINDI)
Original story by renowned Marathi writer Shri. G.A.KULKARNI
Concept of the play- Sandeep Paranjape
Hindi translation by Shri. Deevas Gupta.

According to a Chinese proverb, the destiny of a traveller is greater than that of a king, for he knows not what lay ahead of him. Reaching the destination could be an answer that he sought or a question that he gained or a completely new life. His destination was far beyond the reaches of any ambition he had at the commencement and what reveals in front of him is so shocking, yet so pure, so true, so rationalized.

Still wishes never die, as a person puts on new garments, giving up the old ones, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones. Swami is a tale of a traveller and his journey through the beyond belief to a self-transformation.

This theatre showcase is going to be a wonderful experience.



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