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23 Aug, 2019
1 hrs 28 mins

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In the middle of a devastating hurricane in Florida, a young woman ignores the evacuation orders and goes out in search of her missing father. The duo soon finds themselves trapped in the floods, with a greater threat emerging in the form of gigantic alligators.
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Verdict: Crawl has more jump scares than most horror movies. Monster movies are usually about man vs monsters, packed with action and gore.Crawlis the latest film to join this genre and is directed byAlexandre Aja, the man who madeThe Hills Have Eyes(2006) andPiranha 3D(2010). Thrillers are his specialty and his movies are not made for the feeble-hearted. After killer piranhas, the d... ...Read full review
Alexandre Aja`s flair for tension comes alive in a surprisingly good crocodile horror film ...Read full review
Starring Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper, director Alexandre Ajas latest is a lean, mean thriller that isnt as dumb as it may appear. ...Read full review
To be fair the film works despite these minor hiccups. Kaya Scodelario who plays Hayley, has a Sigourney Weaver-like tough chick vibe, and the digitally realised alligators are creepily realistic. What unfolds is trashy fun no more, no less. If youre in the mood for guilty pleasure, Crawl is not a bad way to spend an evening. ...Read full review
The excellent chemistry between the lead actors and the sincerity in their performances will keep you invested in Crawl. Inspired by classic creature features, director Alexandre Aja doesnt aim to do anything new for the genre but uses a strong setup and solid performances to deliver a tense and satisfying film for thrill-seekers. ...Read full review