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John Wick
He's back to make them pay.

John Wick

14 Nov, 2014
1 hrs 42 mins
299 votes
5 194
4 62
3 15
2 6
1 13
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John Wick tells the story of a retired hitman, who is beaten up and left for dead by a local thug. Along with him, his puppy Daisy is also attacked and killed. The puppy was the last gift his wife gave him before passing away. Enraged by the thug's behavior, he sets out to seek revenge. Those guys just made the biggest mistake of their life!
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Finally, a movie you can just sit back and enjoy. Simple, no-nonsense, direct and brutal, John Wick delivers a very tight grouping of shots, two to the chest and one to the head. A return to form for Keanu Reeves, this movie is fast and deliberate. From almost balletic gunplay to simple lines from Keanu ... ...Read full review
As a film, John Wick knows its strengths - it is not well-defined characters, it is not a host of back stories and it is definitely not a beautifully-plotted revenge angle.Its strengths are Sad/Bad Keanu making a grand comeback after almost a decade - yeah, it has been that long since Matrix trilogy finished, action scenes so well executed that they leave you gasping and an urbane villain who lives by a code. Hell, when did we last encounter one of those?The film knows its audience too, so it is not too worried about having a female lead. We see the wife (Bridget Moynahan) of Reeves (titular John Wick) as a video on a smartphone and a woman in various stages of sickness who dies as the film opens.Shot in almost monochromatic tones, her rain-soaked funeral leaves Wick blind with grief. An implosion is averted when his wife`s posthumous gift arrives - the world`s cutest beagle who we will learn to love, as will Wick. ...Read full review
There is nothing more satisfying than watching a revenge thriller, especially after a hectic week at work. So, in this one, Keanu Reeves reprises the role of John Wick, a stunning (and explosive) stuntman who goes on a killing spree after a bunch of Russian gangsters break into his house to steal his Mustang, and leave his beagle pup Daisy (a gift from his deceased spouse), dead. He shoots, stabs and physically immobilises his adversaries Viggo (Nyqvist) and his son, bratty and spoilt. ...Read full review
It is a perfect marriage of artist and repertoire. Keanu Reeves, fit, trim and 50, starring in an action-first, story-second movie that years ago would have knocked em dead at the drive-in. John Wick is a slick, propulsive and ridiculous crime picture that strides like an automatic machine gun and has just as much subtlety. But its confidence and lan allow the story to take surrealist turns: more Boormans Point Blank than Bigelows Point Break. John Wick begins with a cool montage that almost apes the sad Keanu meme. Our leading man, John Wick (who is almost always referred to by his full name and why not, when its that cool?) is mourning the loss of his spouse in a modern suburban home that looks primed for a photo shoot in Dwell magazine. Before succumbing to disease, his wife organized the delivery of a puppy (cinemas most adorable pet since almighty Uggie) to give him something to love as he tries to heal. When John Wick later runs afoul of some Russian gangsters who want to take his car, he tells them to buzz off in their native tongue. The thugs (led by Game of Thrones Alfie Allen) invade his home late at night, give him a beat down, steal his wheels and kill the pooch. One phone call later John Wick lets everyone know that the demon is out of the bottle. ...Read full review