Swati RATED Grihalakshmi The Awakening 100%
Excellent : A must watch movie
OMG!!! "Grihalakshmi - The awakening" What an excellent movie. Just reached home after watching the movie. Many many Kudos to Sanjay Talwar sir for its direction and to all the members involved in making such a wonderful Sahaj movie. I couldn't even imagine how much the divine powers within me were happy witnessing the movie. My kundalini was continuously dancing on my Sahastrar and whole body was drenched in vibrations for entire of the movie. No words to describe my happiness. Extremely Wonderful. Of course to add, the two girls in main lead role has done a marvelous job Many many congratulations to the entire team who has created the divine movie. Excellent Excellent Excellent 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏