Mumbai has always been the top destination if you’re searching for some quality drama and fun. This city has been topping the charts since forever in terms of entertainment. It provides you with movies, theatrical plays and leisure activities. No matter what season comes and goes, the city stays alive all the time and people just can’t get enough of the place. There are multiple venues in the city of Mumbai to keep you distracted and to give you just the right dose of entertainment. If you like spending your evenings watching theatricals and good dramas, there are various spots to visit and enjoy. We at BookMyShow have compiled a list of the top plays in Mumbai happening this weekend to give your well deserved break from work and unending rains, check them out.

Utopia Communications MANCHHA It is said that a dead person's unfulfilled wishes make him/her turn into a ghost, and desires, into a witch! This play in Prithvi Theater is the story of this fear of a malcontent woman on a rampage; it is inspired from Oral Folk Tales of Kutch and Maharashtra and infused with parts of the famous Gothic Novel, A Woman in Black. The play is written by Sejal Ponda and directed by Pritesh Sodha and stars Paresh Vora & Shivang Thakkar in the lead roles.
Date: July 11, 2017
Venue: Prithvi Theatre
Genre: Folk

Mishri Theatre and MH 06 Productions KANUPRIYA Kanupriya is another name of Radha and this poetic saga has a beginning, middle and end, which makes it easy to adapt it into a play. We get to see Radha in different stages. From a naïve girl finding solace in Krishna’s presence, who worships him and believes in oneness and divinity, to the woman who embraces physicality and makes it metaphysical. Kanupriya, the play tries to relate and interpreted Radha with modern women of today. We see her in us so we show us with her through Kathak, Contemporary dance, Kalari payat, and movements.
Date: July 12, 2017
Venue: Prithvi Theatre
Genre: Folk

Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi The story of this play revolves around a couple, Arun Nagarkar and his wife Vandu who have completed 35 years of their married life. The play is a treat for all age groups, especially for those who enjoy decent humour. Impressive set design, with proper lighting and suitable background musi make this play a must watch. If you are in search for a good family drama, you are most welcome to enjoy this play in Mumbai with your family.
Date: July 14, 2017
Venue: Shivaji Mandir, Dadar
Genre: Family drama

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 10 July 2017



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