Events are all the rage these days. The reason being quite simple, it happens to be the most intimate form of entertainment that you can get. Events are the only places where you are a passive or sometimes an active participant in the whole thing. If you are out looking for events to attend, and happen to be in the city of Bangalore, then consider yourself lucky. The city is filled with great events that you can find happening. But we will be talking about one particular event that stands out from the rest.

The event in question is The Escape Hunt. Now this event is very much unlike any other that you have attended. The whole event is a global brand with its many branches spread over 20 countries. And, this one is the first branch that is in India. It is common news that adventure sports and activities are now synonymous with monotonous and repetitive events. Most people have been to many of them and they don't really offer you enough to differentiate one from the other. And this is where boredom regarding events starts to settle in. Now if you are looking for a session that includes something akin to hunting and solving mysteries then you have come to the right place.

This is an event that provides you with an opportunity to play the real life detective. A venue that enables you to bring out the real life detective in you as you enact the role of a detective who is on an adventure to solve the murder mystery. The whole thing is a fun and exciting session. You will be lost in the world as you will be trying to solve the mystery and also escape the room. The session will of 90-minutes. It starts with the first 15 minutes being spent on the entire game briefing and explaining the many rules. The next 60 minutes will be spent playing the actual game. You are allotted the last 15 minutes to take photographs.

This one is a real life escape game. It enables you to break away from your routine and enter a world where amazing experiences await you. The event is unlike any other and if you are wondering how you can visit this place, then the answer is quite simple. Just head over to our website and get your tickets booked.

Written By: Ankkit Singh | Post Date: 09 June 2017



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