Here is the deal. Events are great. They allow you to experience entertainment in a manner that is more intimate than any other form of entertainment out there. The crowd is electric and you are not a passive participant in the whole thing. And, this is why it is so damn electric. To be a part of a great event is an experience that is different for a myriad of reasons that any event going person will understand. But what city should you pick if you want to be amidst the best events in the country. If you were to conduct a poll, Bangalore would be pretty much at the top of the list. And owing to that, let’s go through some events that will be happening in the city of Bangalore in the coming days.

Chakras Rising: International Yoga Day This event in the list is related to yoga. This one concerns itself with International Yoga Day. The day is an annual gathering of Yogis from all over the world. The whole event is celebrated to value the spirit and the community that supports and spreads yoga, This #InternationalYogaDay, you will be able to attend a Yoga and Meditation masterclass that is taught to the tunes of live Music which is based on the frequencies of Chakras! Thus, you will be experiencing each Chakra through the use of specific Asanas, Pranayam and Meditations, while they are accompanied with specific music.

DanceToDonate If you consider yourself a party trooper then this is your chance to join a movement that you are not going to forget anytime soon. DanceToDonate is an initiative unlike any other by My SocioLife. It is in association with AIESEC and the whole initiative is in place to support the Electrification of DSS Slums, located in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. So, you are basically going to party for a cause. Now, how cool is that!

Bank Heist If an event like no other excites you, then Bank Heist is what you should be looking forward to. The challenge for your team is to attempt a heist at the OKO Bank. The mission will have two parts and you will come into the picture in the second part. The first phase would be done by the Jaq's team which includes temporarily disabling the security cameras and gaining access to the office of the manager. This is where the door to the vault is. You will be helped in your mission by discreetly hidden clues. The security system has been disabled for only 60 minutes. Now the question that remains is, can you rob the bank in the designated time?

There you go. Great events are waiting for you in the city of Bangalore. If you find them interesting then get booking on our website!

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 16 June 2017



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