30 Not Out: This Stand-up comedy show will definitely make you LOL

30 Not Out: This Stand-up comedy show will definitely make you LOL
Written by Heenal Shah

After a tiring week full of long working hours and no fun at all, there’s no better way than to let comedy shows come to your rescue. Life’s definitely a mess, but it is definitely better with some amazing stand-up comedy. And here are some comedians with their 50 shades of sass, wit and rib-tickling humor waiting to take you in a world full of all things funny.

When you are surrounded by acronyms, snap stories, and addictive games, middle-age seems to strike sooner than you think. And soon you realize that while 50 is the new 40, 16 is the new 20, 30 has nowhere to go.


30 is that age when you feel like are too young to get a few things done but too old for other things. But there is just about enough time to pursue all those dreams that you couldn’t earlier. In this stand-up special titled, 30 Not Out, Canvas Laugh Club brings together Andy Reghu, Punit Pania and Trupti Khamkar for this coming of age show. The comedians performing at the stand-up show are not only hilarious but are going to focus on how even if you’re 30 there is still time to give your daydreams one last chance. 

Andy Reghu is a man with multiple hats and is a writer, a professor, and a spiritual leader. Punit Pania is the single man behind Chalta Hai Comedy – an NGO without foreign funding and also loves to collect stamps. Trupti is a full-time actor and a stand-up comedian. When these three come together it’s going to be a stand-up comedy show like none other.

Canvas Laugh Club is the best place to experience live stand-up, what better way to start your weekend. So book your tickets for 30 Not Out Right away. 

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