The 9th Jagran Film Festival is a Paradise for Every Cinema Lover

Jagran Film Festival
Written by Stacey Prince

If you’re a film lover, you would absolutely love visiting film festivals across India. The various film festivals that are held in India showcase some of the best films that you can experience. There are a number of such fests held throughout the year. Many will be familiar with the Mumbai Film Festival, popularly known as MAMI. International Film Festival of India, Goa, Kashish: Mumbai International Queer Film Festival and Dharamshala International Film Festival are some of the other few movie festivals that any cinephile would love to be at. One such fest is none other than the Jagran Film Festival. In its 9th year, the Jagran Film Festival is bigger than ever before.

The Jagran Film Festival is a great platform for some of the best film content that will make you appreciate cinematic brilliance all over again. In its 8th year, the film fest received a record number of film entries, over 3,000. This year, the festival started from Delhi on 1st July, 2018 and will conclude in Mumbai on 24th September, 2018. Last year it touched 16 towns and held 40+ film screenings. This year it is being screened in 18 cities in India. Each year the festival gets bigger and bigger which helps in reaching a wider audience of cinema lovers.


This year, JFF received around 3500 submissions from 100 countries. The curated program will showcase over 200 films. With such a wide array of Indian and international films, Jagran Film Festival is definitely something to look forward to every year.

Are you excited to view some of the hidden gems in cinema universe this year? If yes, then head to JFF now!

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