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The Aditya Birla Group’s theatre initiative, Aadyam, is an ally to the Indian theatre scene, based on the idea that if there’s a theatre group with a splendid idea for a play, all it needs to do is develop it. Aadyam is a belief, a promise, and a commitment to the institution of creative expression. By making the experience of engaging with theatre more accessible and less obscure, Aadyam, through its first two editions, has brought in newer audiences while putting together plays of impeccable production values for seasoned theatregoers. Aadyam has only grown in size and stature since its inception, winning accolades and audiences along the way. As it happens, in its third edition, Aadyam 2017 promises to get bigger and more exciting for theatre goers and the artist fraternity and is one of the best theatre events in Mumbai. Check out the two plays this month and book your passes if you feel this is your thing-

Gajab Kahani
Three young friends embark on an exhilarating adventure to give their beloved fourth friend a fitting farewell. Their noble aim takes them on a chaotic, emotional and a comic journey. This powerful story of loss, hope and the meaning of friendship is depicted through an action-packed production which sees four actors play multiple roles. The colloquial Mumbai speak, the spontaneous exuberance of teenage-hood and the colors of India will have an appeal to a cross-section of people audiences who are into either new age stories or nostalgia. The play is directed by Mohit Takalkar.
Date- May 21- 28, 2017
Venue: G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

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Bandish 20- 20000 Hz
Bandish 20 – 20000Hz is a story of a nautanki singer and the other a baithak (classical) singer. Both performers re-live their glory days and have witty anecdotes to share. Anecdotes of escapes from kings’ palaces, slapping British officers, getting kidnapped by the local rangeelay zamindars, refuting lovelorn nawabs and getting duped by charming and conniving men in the name of love and marriage. You wouldn’t want to miss this amazing performance .
Date: May 27- 28, 2017
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, NCR, Delhi.

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