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Adlabs Imagica Theme Park: Magic of Disney in Mumbai!

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Written by Archit Chawla

Adlabs Imagica is a mega- tourist destination with international standards near Lonavala which is spread over 300 acres. Imagica Theme Park offers entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining and shopping all at a single location. The park has various attractions for everyone- kids, students, adults and even senior citizens. A chance to meet your lovable characters of Tubby – The Elephant, Roberto – The Star Chef, The Lost Astronaut, Mogambo from all time favorite – Mr. India and The Gingerbread Man as you enjoy one ride after another. In brief, Adlabs Imagica is the first entertainment theme park with Indian stories in international format. For the ones who seek thrill and adventure, there are massive roller coaster rides and high-speed swings such as Scream Machine, Nitro, and Deep Space. With 25 rides and attractions, and several food outlets to choose from, Imagica Theme Park is the perfect destination for friends and family alike to end the year with.So whether you are looking for a fun-filled excursion with family members and friends, or you are searching for best things to do near Mumbai, Imagica is your to-go destination! The five things in Adlabs Imagica which attract visitors from all around the corner are-


1. The amazing Theme

It is all about Disney from the start. Being India’s first Disney style theme park, one refers it as the Disneyland of India with the dream magic castle and pond full of lotuses.

2. Rides

Park’s thrill rides like the Gold Rush Express and Dare 2 Drop roller coasters and the pendulum-like Scream Machine are the best rides one can experience in the country. Other rides like Nitro, Deep space, Mr. India – the death ride and Rajasaurus River Adventure will give you chills and make you scream like never before.

Source – Adlabs Imagica

3. Best destination for Photo-crazy people

The place is just brilliantly decorated with dreamy lights, quirky decor and you will surely go bananas over the grandeur of the place. It’s just irresistible to subdue the urge of clicking hundreds of pictures and choosing the best out of them.

4. The parade

The Imagica parade takes you through the theme of the park in a span of 15 mins. Dance, music, fun and magic, Disney theme with the subtle Indian touch leaves you ecstatic and with memories to cherish forever. Also, the stunts and performers have impromptu shows which is like icing on the cake.

5. Shows and Theme Rides

This is meant for every segment of the crowd. From the mildly scary ride of Salimgarh to save Alibaba from the forty notorious thieves with laser guns to the spectacular film shot from a helicopter of India in a unique flying experience in ‘I For India’, the show is just stunning!

Source – Adlabs Imagica

So engage in a never experienced before event and treat yourself with all the fun and frolic you missed out on in the previous year. Make 2017 worth remembering with Adlabs Imagica Theme park and celebrate with your loved ones.

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