Canvas Laugh Club’s Open Mic Night Has Something For All

Canvas Laugh Club’s Open Mic Night Has Something For All
Written by Chavi Pande

If you love to laugh (and who doesn’t?), Canvas Laugh Club is one of the best places to go. Canvas Laugh Club is one of the top comedy destinations in Mumbai, especially when it comes to stand-up comedy. The venue hosts a wide range of comedians from all across the country and even has other shows such as plays. But it’s not just the professional stand-up comedians who get a chance to shine at the Canvas Laugh Club stage, it’s open to everyone.

Canvas Laugh Club hosts open mic events that provide many budding comedians a chance to show off their talent. True to its name, these open mics are open to anyone to participate in. These are regular events that happen quite frequently, so if you think you have the talent, you can participate in it too! But even if you’re not a performer, these shows are delightful to watch as an audience member.

Canvas Laugh Club

One of the upcoming open mic events is on 20th August. This show will be hosted by Raghav Mandava who describes himself as a born, raised, and overly proud Delhite. He’s a known stand-up comedian and even the founder of Cheese Monkey Mafia, a company that helps budding stand-up comedians.

So what can you expect from the show? A wide variety of jokes from fresh and talented new comedians who’ll perform material that you might not have heard before. It will be an exciting evening where you’ll get to be one of the first to see these fresh faces take their steps into the spotlight.

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