Daniel Fernandes Is Back In Town With ‘New Material’

Danierl Fernandes New Material
Written by Varsha Pillai
Eight hours of slogging in the office. Two hours of battling the traffic. The rest of the day lost in trivialities. The modern life is indeed a mundane hustle. No wonder the stand-up comedy scene in Mumbai is mushrooming with comics, young and old; testing out material that they believe would leave the audience in splits.

At times the material is a clear derivative from all the formulaic movie jokes or WhatsApp forwards. Revolving around the usual subjects like relationships and parents. Other times, they are novel and thought provoking.

Daniel Fernandes is one of Mumbai’s most popular stand-up comics well known for his take on various social issues like marital rape, terrorism and student suicide. His unconventional style of comedy can be described as dark and surreal.

Daniel Fernandes

Daniel has been in the stand-up scene for six years and ever since the start, he has piqued attention for his well-researched jokes, wit and impeccable comic timing. His research makes his writing layered and that makes his jokes smart, appealing to the well-informed. Daniel has collaborated with fellow leading stand-up comedians like Vir Das, Papa CJ, Aditi Mittal and Abish Mathew in the past and has done shows all over India.

Now Daniel is back in Mumbai with his latest gig ‘New Material with Daniel Fernandes’. Be prepared to laugh every 30-seconds or so with his satirical take on the debacles that have clouded the media recently. The show would be held on 15th January, 2018 at The Cuckoo Club, Bandra from 8:30 pm onwards.

If you are a comedy aficionado (who isn’t?), then do not miss the show by any chance.

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