Ever tried WRITING some comedy?

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Written by Nikita Mehta

How often have you sat through your favorite weekend comedy show and thought, “Hey, I could do that!?” Well, let us tell you that its not as easy as it sounds. Giving joke help which converts into a tickling tummy when it converts on screen is an art in itself- an art which is as much instinctive as studied.

Tragedy plus time is a comedy. This is just half the theory. The other half is full of things like tone, situation, content & absurdity. Now combine the two halves, turn them upside down and bam! you have your rib-tickling comedy. What is difficult in all this chaos is how to sustain the interest of the viewers over and over again. How do you make regular instances picked up in everyday life funny enough for an audience to stay hooked? This is where comedy writing comes.

The art of being able to write comedy is also taught. Comedy writing workshops help a great deal in doing this, especially for people who are thinking of taking up comedy writing as a serious profession. In fact, they go more than just assisting, they are almost necessary! It goes without a mention that there are various tools required to build a comic drama or a comic piece as opposed to any other genre.

The Barking Deer at Lower Parel, Mumbai has been involved in hosting such a comedy writing workshop in the past, and there is also one lined up in the near future. With a veteran like Anuvab Pal as the host, this workshop sure promises to be a treasure for those looking to add a little bit of zing in their daily writings. It’s a human need to be surprised- surprised by delight, surprised by information, surprised by some whack or surprised by stomach – cramping belly laughs; picking up some tact and technique while writing all this is exactly what such events award the attendees with. They are very popular amongst all the workshops in Mumbai

The one roadblock that we all come across every day while writing anything interesting is if it will be fashionable or not. It’s an age of fashionable writing and there is cut-throat competition. But again, if you are real, nothing will stop you, nothing will stop you from being funny if you learn the art of writing funny.

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