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What to Expect From the First Edition of The Harkat 16mm Film Festival

The Harkat 16mm Film Festival
Written by Poorva Tamhane

The Harkat Film Festival or 16mm Film Festival is all set to take place this weekend at Harkat, an alternative arts space and film production company based out of Versova, Mumbai. The festival is being organised with an aim to revive the love for film as well as to revive its history. This is the first edition of the film festival.

The film festival has four main events – Poetics in Transition (Short Film Screening), Lost and Filmed (Film Workshop), Screening of Hip Hip Hurray and Experiments on 16 mm. Each of these events have been well thought out, planned and curated.


Poetics Of Transition Harkat Film Festival Mumbai

Poetics of Transition (Found Footage Film Screenings w/ live music)

The first one Poetics in Transition, takes footage of films from years and decades ago which have been explored by eight artists who have tried to give a view of the social consciousness at the time and have addressed issues like gender politics, sexual politics, socio-economic structures and more. Each of the artists have come together in pairs of two’s and belong to different fields.


Lost And Filmed Harkat Film Festival Mumbai

Lost and Filmed (16 mm Film Workshop)

The second event, Lost and Filmed is a 16mm film workshop that will give participants the unique opportunity of piecing together a film. One will be able to come in and select a film clip of one’s choice from the many bins of clips at the venue and over the course of two hours they will establish a curatorial note around their collective choice of footage, cut it together and ultimately an editor will help piece it together. There will be a musician composing live to the footage as well. This exciting and unique workshop is surely not to be missed.


Hip Hip Hurray Harkat Film Festival Mumbai

Screening of Prakash Jha’s Hip Hip Hurray of 16mm. Directed by Prakash Jha; Written by Gulzar.

The third one is a screening of Prakash Jha’s film Hip Hip Hurray, on the only surviving 16mm print of the film. The movie tells the story of a computer engineer named Sandeep Chowdhary (Raj Kiran) who is waiting to start his first job but takes up a temporary one in the meanwhile. He becomes a sports instructor at a school in Ranchi, where he encounters an apathetic school principal and develops a relationship with a history teacher.


Experiments On 16mm Harkat Film Festival Mumbai

Lastly, Experiments on 16mm is a showcase of contemporary 16mm films from artists and filmmakers from across the globe. It will also be an event for the announcement of the winners for ‘Make your own silent film’. There will then be a screening of the same followed by a small talk around the works presented. So, come be a part of this unique festival and revive your passion for the magic of films and filmmaking.

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