Gear up for some Fresh Humor by Vipul Goyal and Kunal Kamra

Gear up for some Fresh Humor by Vipul Goyal and Kunal Kamra
Written by Varsha Pillai

Even though life might just seem the same for most of us, it need not be necessary that our perspective remain the same. It is pleasantly delightful to have a fresh perspective in life. Here are two of the most popular stand-up comics in India with their acts that will make you laugh and ponder about everything.

Head to the latest multicity tour by Kunal Kamra and Vipul Goyal named Humorously Fresh. The show is based on the stand-up specials by Vipul Goyal named Humorously Yours and Kunal Kamra’s show named Fresh Thoughts.


Vipul Goyal’s middle class jokes and one-liners would make you look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary. His witty brand of clean comedy has the potential to crack anyone up. Kunal Kamra comedy style is raw, honest and brutal and his shows are loved by those who loves some intelligent observations about the current socio-political scenario. He makes zero efforts to be politically correct.

With their combined acts, the Indian audiences will have no option but to laugh till they cry. Their comic punches will hit you and help you unleash all your frustrations and make you a happier, saner person. You will leave the venue with a wide smile on your face for sure.

Since seats are limited for this stellar act, ensure that your tickets are booked at the earliest. Be ready to hop on a joy ride that’ll keep you giggling for ages.


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