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Comic-Con India
Written by Poorva Tamhane

Comic convention or Comic-Con as it is popularly known is a celebration of various popular fandoms that range from your favourite comic book characters (obviously), movies, tv shows, gaming characters, anime and more. There are a whole host of interesting things that take place at a comic con, which include gaming, geek talk & shops, meet ups with the creators and a variety of events & contests to name a few.

Although Comic Con began way back in the 70’s, in India it was started in our capital city of New Delhi in February 2012. Ever since, there have also been express editions each year in Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

Cosplay Comic-Con

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The event is dubbed as the ‘Best Weekend of the Year’,as it is held over two days in the form of an exhibit, but it is actually a month long awesome line up of online and offline events. One can take part in weekly contests to gain exciting prizes or indulge in varied workshops to hone their skills. There are also special screenings and limited edition merchandise that are available at the events.Fans also have the opportunity to have a live chat with their favourite artists and illustrators, at the event. A well sought out event at the comic-con anywhere in the country is the celebration of pop culture in the form of Cosplay Contests. Cosplay is costume play, that is representing a character or element from the pop culture realm from various categories like comic books, graphic novels, movies,television, anime, manga, gaming, sci-fi and fantasy.Contestants can register and battle it out on the Main stage to win the grand prize. City based selections go on to the Finals of the National Indian Championship of Cosplay that is held later in the year.

Comic-Con Calendar

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Comic Con:India has expanded over the course of six years and has been known to attract huge crowds of over one lakh people. With over 1000+ exhibitors of late, it has helped in expanding the scope of the event to newer industries and has provided a platform for start-ups and brands which promote pop culture & comics in India, with an undying love and passion.

So come geek out and indulge your inner fan boy/girl by visiting comic con 2017, coming to Hyderabad from the 14-15 of October, Mumbai from the 11-12 of November, Bengaluru from the 2-3 of December and New Delhi from the 15-17 of December. For more details, visit BookMyShow.

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