Hampi by Night – A night trail to discover the marvellous UNESCO World Heritage Site

Written by Prajakta Nagore

The Government of India has undertaken a new initiative to allow visitors to explore the historical monuments and sites in India even in nightlight. Hampi is one such historical site, and with this new initiative, visitors can now go on Hampi sightseeing at night.

Hampi by Night

History boasts of the prosperous grandness of the city of Hampi which was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The monuments in Hampi include remains of forts, temples, and many other sacred chambers and structures. 

Being at proximity to the cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Belgaum, Hampi tourism has seen a major boost in the last few years. People from these metropolitan cities throng the city for exploring the architectural marvel of monuments in Hampi.

To encourage locals and outsiders for Hampi sightseeing, the Karnataka Tourism department keeps organizing various tours for the interested travellers. One such endeavour by the Karnataka Government is the ‘Hampi by Night’ tour. Perceived by the Hampi World Heritage Management Authority (HAWAMA) and the Govt, Hampi by night allows the visitors to stroll the magnificent monuments in Hampi after sunset. 

In this tour, tourists can visit the 19 monuments and temples and adore these illuminated artistic structures, get knowledge of Lord Shiva’s penance, walk the forest of Kishkinda. They can also witness the sound and light show organized to get acquainted with the history of Pampakshetra.

The Hampi tour will be organized from 22nd February onwards under two categories. 

  1. Hampi by night – Pampakshetra trail (Price – Rs 1200/-)

By Night Pampakshetra Trail

This 130 minutes long night trail takes visitors through the history of Pampakshetra (an old name for Hampi) and the beautifully lightened monuments in Hampi. Daily two trails will be organized everyday at 6.30 pm and 07.00 pm respectively.

  1. Hampi by night – The Sacred trail (Price – Rs 1200/-)

By Night Sacred Heritage Trail

The duration for this night trail is 180 minutes and will take the visitors on a historical trail of the Hampi bazaar, the mythological forest of Kishkinda, and many more sites of the Vijayanagara Empire.

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