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Written by Ankkit Siingh

All who have been to Hyderabad can vouch for the energy that the city exudes. What makes the city so alive and brimming with energy all the time? If we were to take a guess, it would be the culture that encompaases the city, and the events that are always happening in the city. And events are many in Hyderabad and you would be left amused just by looking at the sheer diversity of these events. In the light of the so many events that are happening in the city, you might be wondering, what are those events? That is the purpose of this very article. Let’s dive into the events that are happening in the city.

Hyderabad Horse Riding School Let kick off this list with an activity that is very different from anything that you would have tried. It is an outdoor activity that enables you to enjoy horses and horse riding in a recreational fashion that is also therapeutic and competitive at the same time.

Thoda Saaf Bol: Stand-Up Special by Abhishek Upmanyu If you like all things funny, then this is your one stop solution to an hour of non-stop laughter. One of the funniest guys in stand-up is back with more jokes. And, they are funnier as well. You know you are in for an evening that will echoing with laughter.

The Alaha Food Fest Ready for an exotic cruise with your taste-buds? Savor the most delectable dishes that are found in the Pacific. A food fest where India meets Hawaiian cuisine. Be ready for meals that are mouth-wateringly delicious. So prepare yorself for an event that will leave your taste buds in an exotic ecstasy.

Creative Writing and Communication Workshop
A writing camp that encourages young emerging writers to find their niche and better their writing process. The workshop is meant to help kids write and express their stories in a much more fluid manner. The whole concept is to take a simple idea and then turn it into a unique storyline where the possibilities are limitless. The event will enable students to learn and expand their storytelling capabilities. The workshop will work with children and help them develop plot lines and characters in a unique and creative environment.

We did tell you that the breadth of the events happening in the city of Hyderabad is huge. And it encompasses all different kinds of events. With so much happening in the city, you must be wondering where you can explore all the many different events that are happening in the city. Well, all you have to do is visit our website and you will find yourself in the midst of many events that are happening in the city of Hyderabad.

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