Manisha Koirala Spoke in TEDx Talks about Cancer Survival and Inspiration

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Written by Mansi Gupta

Manisha Koirala was one of the few heroines of the 90s who, despite having no godfather in the film industry, managed to carve out a niche for herself. She came from Nepal and literally took the tinsel town by storm purely on her acting prowess. With the number of movies she was doing and critical and commercial acclaim she was earning, everything was going perfect in her life. She was riding on a high in life, when a halt came and she one day she suddenly disappeared. Her life completely changed when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and life was never same after that.

It was about these years that Manisha talked about in TEDx Talk, Jaipur. Her motivational speech was all about how she faced the worst in life and overcame it so gracefully. At the time when she got to know about cancer in her body, her marriage was also falling apart. It was then that she decided to take control of her life and her first priority was to get rid of cancer growing in her body. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and then she went for an extensive treatment and chemotherapy in New York. It’s been four years now, she has braved the “C” and is today a cancer survivor. In the Tedx Talk, held in Jaipur last week, she talked about this soul-stirring experience and how she values her life the most today. Her session was so inspiring that it would motivate anyone to look at life with a new vigor.

Setbacks, failures and tragedies come in everyone’s life. They are an integral part of life. But fighting them bravely is the key to success and happiness. And it depends on our ability to persevere through even the toughest time without ever giving up. The perfect example of this is Manisha Koirala, who fought back the deadliest of cancers and came out of it even stronger. And today with her personal and professional life both seemingly back on track, she is a source of inspiration for many. The kind of appreciation she is garnering for her movie Dear Maya, she has come back to what she is known for. Soon she will be seen in another power-packed role in Sanjay Dutt biopic, scheduled to release later this year.

Kudos to this brave soul!

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