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All You Need to Know Before You Reach Kutch for Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav
Written by Poorva Tamhane
The Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is reputed to be one of the largest salt deserts in the world and what better way to enjoy this spectacle of nature than to indulge in a festival specially created around it. The Rann Utsav gives you a taste of the beauty, ambience and culture of the region in a most exquisite manner that’s been put together by Gujarat Tourism. It is one of the largest seasonal saline wetlands that is an alluring destination for offbeat travellers and people looking to experience something new.

If you’re wondering what possibly you could do in the middle of the desert, then you’d be happy to learn that the festival has got you covered. There are various activities to choose from such as the below:

  • A golf cart ride.
  • An ATV Ride
  • Camel Cart Excursions
  • Para Motoring
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Performances by local folk artists
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • A Camel Ride near Mandvi Beach

Para Motoring

One can get a taste of the local culture with performances by artists in traditional attire as well as quality Kutchi cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds. The café at the festival, namely the Oasis 24×7 café and the Moonlit café offer other kinds of food throughout the day or night ensuring that the finicky foodie in you has his/her needs met.

When it comes to accommodation, the tents set up will surely give you a glamorous feel with their beautiful interiors that are as authentic as they are plush. There are some extensive sight-seeing tours that will take you through the region.

Kutch Rann Utsav

For all the shopaholics out there, the festival offers beautiful handicraft textiles, fabrics and products. There are plenty of stalls at the festival or you could choose to head to the nearby villages of Gandghi-Nugam, Khavda and Bhirandiyra that arrange workshops and showcase some great art. Lastly, the breath-taking sight of the cool white glow of the moon on the desert flats on a full moon night is not to be missed. You will surely cherish that for a long time. There is also the opportunity for some great star-gazing which is unlike anything else as the vast expanse of the desert sky will enthral you with its natural beauty. So pack your bags and head to the Great Rann Utsav Festival taking place from the 25th to the 30th of November.

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