This New Year, Get On With Poker

Written by Prajakta Nagore

India’s biggest poker tournament- Baazi Poker is back this year with it’s third edition. The live poker tournament will be held from 8th to 14th January 2020. The game will have a total guaranteed prize worth of Rs.7 crores.

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Schedule of Baazi Poker Tour Live

Day                 Event                                                 Time                     Buy-In

8th Jan         Kick-Off (25 Lakh guaranteed)     4:00 PM                     10000

9th Jan         Kick Off (Day 2)                                2:00 PM                         NA

                       Bounty (15 Lakh Guaranteed )      4:00 PM 10000+5000

10th Jan       HighRoller (1 Cr guaranteed)         4:00 PM                 100000

 11th Jan       HighRoller                                         2:00 PM NA

                       Main Event Day 1A                           4:00 PM                 35000  

                        (2 Cr Guaranteed)           

 12th Jan      Main Event Day 1C                             4:00 PM 3500

                         (2 Cr Guaranteed)

13th Jan       Main Event Day 2                                2:00 PM                     NA

                      (2Cr Guaranteed)

14th Jan      MegaStack DAY 2                                  2:00 PM                     NA

                      PLO (20 Lakh Guaranteed)                 4:00 PM                 20000

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Terms and conditions

  • Age limit to play poker is above 21 years.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, and no cancelation is allowed.
  • The tickets once bought cannot be exchanged.
  • In the case of multi-flight events, tickets can be used to enter any starting flights.
  • Tickets cannot be re-use for re-entry or entry of any other event.
  • Any modifications will be accepted till 6th January 2020.
  • If any tickets remain unused, they will be refunded post the poker tournament on 16th January 6, 20202020.
  • Winnings of the candidates will be transferred to them within 24 hours after the event is done to their pokerbazari accounts. 
  • The residents of Assam, Odhisa, Telangana, and Gujarat by law are not allowed to purchase or participate in the event. Check to make sure if the above mentioned states permit to purchase the event. 
  • The winnings of the players from Assam, Odhisa, Telangana, and Gujarat will be transferred through NEFT after the TDS deduction.
  • BookMyShow is not to be held liable for any legalities ragarding the purchase of the event. 
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