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Aquatica Water Park: Time To Put On The Vacation Goggles In Kolkata!

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Written by Archit Chawla

Summer has got it roots deep in the country and we feel it’s been forever since we have seen the monsoon. No matter how dirty it makes the city, how flooded it gets and even if we have to cancel our plans, we all like rains. We love rains, we love water. We love splashing water on each other and the fun reaches the next level if we get a good shower during this piping hot weather. So we have come up with a simple and an efficient solution for all your water cravings until the monsoon hits you. Located in Kolkata, Aquatica is what we suggest you to visit this summer and enjoy the breathtaking experience it offers to all. It’s a water theme park which offers you the best water rides and endless ways to beat the summer blues.

Aquatica Water Park Kolkata

One of the unique water amusement parks in the city, as well as in the Eastern zone of the country, Aquatica is one of the most popular amusement parks in the city. The park has various options such as water based discotheques, a mesmerizing cyclone pool, as well as normal risk free water rides such as water skiing and water splash pools. The water of Aquatica is just five feet deep which attracts all age groups. Aqua Wave Pool is the main attraction of the water park. This is a pool with artificial waves where the water is cleared every hour to keep the pool clean. There is a car riding area along the pool especially designed for kids which makes this theme park in Kolkata the best place to be.

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Aquatica welcomes visitors with some thrilling water rides and exciting food options that will entertain the stomach in every way. The chilled out vibe at this day party destination will surely make you want to go with the flow. It is India’s best resort and water park, and is spread across an area of 17 acres of land situated in the town of Rajarhat. With a unique blend of Indian hospitality and entertainment, Aquatica also offers a sense of privacy and peace, making it the ideal countryside escape from the pressures of a busy schedule. So before you make any plans with your friends and family, we would highly recommend you to consider this, one of the best events in Kolkata, and have the time of your life. Book your tickets now and be a part of this amazing place and its offerings this summer!

Venue: Kochpukur, Hathgachchia, Kolkata

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