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Della Adventure Park

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The Best Place for Individual and Group Activities

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Are you near Mumbai and Pune? Are you looking for a fun and adventurous place that ignites your bold and daring soul? Well, we have the perfect spot for you! Della Adventure Park, the amusement park just outside Mumbai and near Pune packed with a variety of rides and activities suitable for an individual adrenaline seeker, and even better shared with family, friends, and colleagues!

Della Adventure Park: Lonavala, is located at Old Highway, Kunegaon, Kune Village, Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra 410401, India. It is an adventure park that is also home to theatres, sports events, exhibitions, and music concerts. Among its attractions is India’s only Swoop Swing. A state-of-the-art contraption, which, lets you dive down to a hundred feet, only to bounce back into the air. It gives you the titillating of a lifetime! So if you have ever had a vision of getting that adrenaline pumping, this is just perfect for you. You can even jump with a friend! Or better yet, enjoy this fun with your significant other and make memories that will last forever.

When you get in the mood to dine and relax, Della Adventure Park has just the right places for you, featuring a marvelous collection of five restaurants and lounge bars. These multi-cuisine restaurants guarantee excellent service and even better food. Café 24, PNF, Crème Della, Parsi Dhaba, and Sports Bar invite your taste buds to a delightful and unforgettable table or two! This adventure park crowded with many activities you can’t possibly go through them in a single day. So why not stay for the night? That’s right. Book a night at Della Adventure Park Now!

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