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Don’t Miss This Spectacular Line-Up Of Artists @ The Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016

Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016
Written by Nikita Mehta

The Enchanted Valley Carnival that takes place over three days in Aamby Valley, beyond Lonavala, is a unique festival property which was introduced to the Indian audiences in 2013. Even before you hit the campsite, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the idea of attending it. The drive up to the area is a long, winding, quite journey through the hills- the one that is undoubtedly a much-needed one when you have decided to take a break! It’s different because unlike the festivals these days which are mostly on familiar territory, this one breaks the norms of regular right from the first go.

Adding to the popularity of this awaited carnival is a stellar line up of artists who are scheduled to perform at this multi-genre music festival. The first on the list is none other than the extremely popular singer who has being ruling the top charts of Bollywood for quite some time now. Get ready to be enchanted by Arijit Singh, the singing sensation that he is. His soulful voice and his ability to reach the loftiest of the notes with ease will take you in trance you’ve never experienced before. With his reckless voice dribbling like honey, the EVC is about to add yet another feather to its cap by his presence.

The other on our list of favorite artists gracing the EVC is none other than the powerhouse of talent from the land of Bollywood, Farhan Akthar. A creative success and a cinematic genius rolled in one, this man is not only a successful producer but an actor beyond par, a storyteller like none other and a passionate musician too. Having performed at various noted events and music festivals across India, Farhan’s performance at the EVC will be a sight to behold!

Accompanying our desi musical geniuses will be an international sensation, FLO RIDA. Having garnered a huge fan base for his musical records worldwide, FLO RIDA is a true example of an artist who lives, eats and breathes music. He’s come up a long way to be what he is today and this makes him all the more popular amongst his fans. With popular songs and verses to his credit, this musical success’s presence at EVC is a happening that you must look forward to.

The event will also be graced by performances of Alan Walker, Candice Redding, Jeremy Olander, Chris Liebingand many others. By this read, we are sure that you’d have guessed that the EVC is not only set to bring together some of the most electrifying international performers but also cover a vast spectrum of music with the presence of some truly talented artists.

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