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Get A Hold Of The Finest Plays In Mumbai This Coming Weekend

Upcoming Plays In Mumbai
Written by Archit Chawla

Theatre and Plays aim at facilitating as well as presenting different stories, real and fictional, by Indian and international artists from a diverse range of genres, including orchestral concerts, opera, drama, contemporary dance, and jazz music. We have compiled a list of top Hindi plays in in the month of April which are surely going to make you sit back, introspect and respect the art of these performers more and more. Hindi Natak is the perfect kind of entertainment that will give you something to remember for a very long time if you’re well balanced in your minds. Check out these top plays in Mumbai this weekend and save your weekends for something better, something more amusing.

Gandhi- The Musical
Gandhi – The Musical is the story of this remarkable man’s journey, his experiences and experiments with truth. A musical extravaganza comprising over 15 original songs and dances across a variety of genres, and showcasing spectacular sets that depict the era of the man that shaped an entire nation. It is a musical that any producer on Broadway and the West End would be proud to produce. The play is directed and written by Dinesh Khambata and includes Chirag Vora, Nivedita Baunthiyal, Abhishek Krishnan, Nishi Doshi and others in the cast.
Venue: Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, Nariman Point, NCPA
Date: April 01- 09, 2017.

Poor Box Productions The Vagina Monologues (A)
The Vagina Monologues is a global phenomenon that has become a brand name in India since its debut in 2003. This powerful play is an unusual blend of outrageous comedy and heartbreaking drama set up in a total different scenario telling the story of a woman in a way never heard before. Through outrageous comedy, poignant drama and soul-stirring poetry is rarely seen on stage, the play tells varied and compelling stories of women. The Indian production of The Vagina Monologues is produced and directed by Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal and Kaizaad Kotwal. The cast for the play includes Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Dolly Thakore, Swati Das, Varshaa Agnihotri and Dilnaz Irani and is one of the best events at Prithvi Theatre.
Venue: Prithvi Theatre, Juhu, Mumbai.
Date: April 01- 02, 2017.

Charlie 2
Charlie 2 – Ek Adhure Aadmi Ki Puri Kahani is one of the best plays in Mumbai which has a very fresh story carrying a lot of illusions that any human being can relate to. Charlie 2 depicts the journey of a normal hardworking school teacher to becoming an entirely opposite character of being a villain. But yes, this villain is equally lovable. It portrays how one person can be more than just one personality in his or her lifetime. How, When, Why, Who and Where are the main questions revolving around the transformation of the Hero of our Charlie 2 to the Villain.
Venue: Rang Sharda, Bandra West, Mumbai,
Date: March 31, 2017.

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