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Join The Ultimate Pop Culture Celebration #ComicCon in Delhi

ComicCon in Delhi Information
Written by Nikita Mehta

About half a decade ago, a man’s dreams started taking shape; in whatever raw form possible, Comic Con India began its journey. What started as a two-city gig, has now got a cult status it never imagined getting. Comic-Con India today is being credited for creating a fertile platform for various stakeholders from the Comics and Merchandise arena. Although having started slowly, the Con has steadily been adding newer attractions and building up the interest levels of the audience.

Founder Jatin Varma, the one man who turned The Comic-Con into a reality says, “I had no specific agenda in mind when I first thought of bringing Comic-Con to India. I merely wanted to be the first one to do so, and even if I would have failed at least I could proudly say that I was the guy who brought it to India.” Having grown from strength to strength through the years it has existed, we can vouch that Mr. Varma is surely not a disappointed soul today.

This December, it’s time to get head to the capital city as Comic-Con Delhi gears up to rock the city. This year’s action-packed show is going to feature the best of Comics, Merchandise, Toys, Experiential Zones, International Guests, Meet and Greet Sessions, Gaming, Fan Meet-ups and much more. Along with all this, you can also expect to meet a celebrity guest from a very popular TV series and a chance to get knowhow on some really exclusive content.

Being a fresh entrant to the entertainment scenes of the country, the Comic-Con 2016 undoubtedly has climbed up the ladders of success and popularity with great pace. Having progressively expanded their scope of events by linking artists and industries of various genres, it has assisted in giving a push to the yet untapped pop culture. With unique events and an added enthusiasm, they come back every year and make it more memorable than the previous one. Through this event, brands not only get an opportunity to be a part of the mission that promotes pop culture, but also get an opportunity to engage with their fans on a personal level.

So jump on the bandwagon and join the excitement of one of the most awaited events in Delhi. Join the huge sea of enthusiastic young adults taking a fancy for the vibrant pop culture and bask in the glory of an interaction with your favorite brands. With tickets now being available on our website, you don’t even have to look any farther for planning your next getaway!

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