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Ready, set, sulafest 2015

sulafest 2015 event details
Written by Mansi Gupta

What started as a humble vineyard, went on to become a sprawling wine city! Sulafest 2015 is just a reminder that small things grow and manifest into magnificent values given care and nourishment. In this case, Sula Vineyards has grown to become one ofIndia’s very own Wine brands! From rose to sparkling, from a deep red to dry white,Sula has it all! For those who haven’t been introduced to the extremely intriguing culture of wine can pursue their interests by participating in wine-tasting events held here at regular intervals!

Held annually, the sulafest 2015 is a medium from where art meets the beautifully intense flavors of wine and translates into a huge lot of fun! Expect amazing foot-tapping music and fashionable explosions on the runway. As spring draws nearer, designers will showcase their spring-summer collections exclusively at this festival. Quite a turn out is expected this year as international music artists will take part and make sure your happy buzz is filled with some amazing music! There is always a lot of excitement surrounding the Sula festival, more so because it is a garnd two-day affair that takes us all into the realms of the two major sins-art and wine!

Wine is regarded as a complicated beverage. More so because it is paired with different kinds of foods and beginners are likely to take some time before they understand how it all works. A glass of wine may go with cheeses, meat or just a bit of a sugar rush could do the trick. Take a shot at the sulafest 2015 and understand the trappings of wine culture. Who knows, you could be the one teaching someone else at a party you get to next! The festival stretches into art, dance and music with trending designers displaying their yet to be launched collections exclusively for the festival attendees. You can catch a glimpse of all the glamour and jazz that the fashion world is set to be made of. Filled with all the ingredients of a good life, you are likely to throw yourself in the celebrations and enjoy all this and more to the utmost core!.

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