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Serendipity Arts Festival 2016- It’s A Lot More Than What You See

Serendipity Arts Festival 2016 events details
Written by Nikita Mehta

Goa in December is a sight to behold! This year, adding to the festive fervor of Goa will be the Serendipity Arts Festival 2016. Held with the aim to celebrate and promote the Indian Arts in all its glory, this festival which will be held on the banks of river Mandovi, will bring together not only visual, but performing and culinary arts too.

This will be the festival’s first year of operation in a long-term cultural project that hopes to change the Arts scene of India. Creative people can not only interact with the best of Arts but can also join in the discussions and the extensive exposure on topics like education, patronage culture, interdisciplinary discourse, and accessibility of the arts that the festival promises to provide.

To be organized by the Serendipity Arts Trust and to be held across 10 venues in Panaji, the grand fest will be a host to over 100 events from the fields of music, theatre, dance, photography and food. “We have often talked about India’s development in economic terms but a successful civilization is one which is not only economically and politically strong but also culturally vibrant. A lot of Indian history comes from the country’s culture and arts,” says Sunil Kant Munjal, one of the organizers of the Goa Art Festival 2016.

The projects which will be included in the fest are not less interesting! A project titled ‘Young Subcontinent’, will see twenty-four young artists from eight countries of south Asia, express their idea of the subcontinent, its social issues, and stories of culture, myths, conflicts and political and economic struggles through a medium that has the arts at its core. Another project titled ‘Living Traditions’ will reinterpret Hindustani classical music and showcase works that were recorded in the early part of the 20th century, when recording technology first came to India. Not only these too, but an array of gripping projects are in store for the attendees.

With the fest hoping to create an inclusive and collaborative platform for the promotion of arts and culture, and with passes soon up for grabs on popular ticketing platforms like BookMyShow, it about time you decide to join the extravagant celebration of Arts. After all, the ‘earth’ without art is just ‘eh!’

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