Rangilo Re 2018: This Navaratri Is All About Colors and Grandeur

Rangilo Re 2018: This Navaratri Is All About Colors and Grandeur
Written by Varsha Pillai

After Ganesh Chaturthi that has seized the city of Mumbai in a festive frenzy, the festival of Navaratri is just around the corner. The festival marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated all over the country. From dandiya and garba nights in Gujarat to Durgo Pujo in Bengal, every place has a distinct tradition for Navaratri.


In Mumbai, there is piety and revelry in equal measure. Welcome to Rangila Re 2018, where the city of dreams will erupt in a rainbow of colors, lights and music while rhythmically swirling to catchy dandiya beats.  In Rangila Re 2018, the traditional Navaratri experience is brought to the city that never sleeps. While the traditional Navaratri experience is transported to Aamchi Mumbai, everything gets grander and luxurious here.


Rangila Re will showcase various dance forms from all parts of Gujarat and the best of Gujarati cuisine is a spellbinding fiesta. This utsav will feature Parthiv Gohil, who’d be performing LIVE in this festival. Unlike other outdoor pandals where the festive spirit dies down by 10 pm, the festivities, dance and music would continue till the dawn. Thanks to the indoor venue that’s chosen for Rangila Re.

Head to Nesco Complex at Goregaon East, where ten night of spellbinding dandiya music and festivities await you!

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