Roast Battle Finale: Mumbai Comedy Festival

Written by Prajakta Nagore


Comedy Wagon is an enterprise that presents comedians at various events. And now it is going to present the Mumbai Comedy Festival from the 6th to 29th December. In their words, the Mumbai Comedy Festival is a “one-stop destination for comedy”.

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There will be different events on different dates at the St. Andrew’s Auditorium, the Royal Opera House, and That Comedy Club in Mumbai. There will be Solo shows, Late-night comedy shows, Line-up shows, and much more. There will be Roast battles too!

A roast is a form of comedy or humour where an individual insults or jokes about someone at their expense. And Roast Battles are where this happens!

On the 28th of December this year, That Comedy Club in Mumbai is going to host the Finale of the Roast battle under the Mumbai Comedy Festival.

Go to the show and watch live as different comedians take digs at each other to become the ‘Roast champion’ of the Mumbai Comedy Festival Roast battle. Witness the comedians simmer each other in hot insults to a crispy rare. 

There will be sarcasm, mean digs and verbal attacks that you will enjoy. However, you don’t have to worry or feel cringy as there will be some genuine praises and tributes too. And the roasters will take on all the insults not as serious criticism but with good humour.

The venue will be That Comedy Club in Bandra, Mumbai and the event will start from 11:30 pm onwards. The medium of communication will be both English and Hindi and the event will be of 1-hour duration.

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However, the Roast battle will be only for young adults and adults of over 18 years of age. The price of the ticket will be INR 499 per individual.

Interested people can check out the official poster for the event at the website or mobile application of BookmyShow. Online tickets for booking of seats are also available on the app.

So, come and enjoy the battle and make your night something more than what you expected.

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