Russell Peters: Stand-up comedy at its best

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Written by Prajakta Nagore

The World of Stand-up comedy is bigger and bigger. The scene was quite strong outside and looks like India is beginning to catch up. With comedians like Vir Das making it big, there is now hope for a Stand-up career. Something that did not exist till sometime back. Stand-up comedy is by far one of the most difficult things to do and requires a lot of talent. One of the most prolific Stand-up comedians the World has seen is Russell Peters. He is of Indian origin, resides in Canada and makes the most provocative of racist jokes anyone’s ever heard. But that is the fun part. His jokes, though provocative, are extremely funny. His Red, White & Brown tour is by far one of his best set of shows ever. Right from “Somebody’s gonna get a hurt tonight” to his brilliant mimicry of accents, this man has got the gall and the guts to speak his mind.

Stand-up comedy if not done right can leave a very bad taste. People come for a comedy event expecting to laugh their guts out! Most Stand-up comedians fail to do that on a regular basis and fizz out quite fast but people like Russell Peters have been doing this for so many years without really having to fizzle out. The freshness of his jokes, his spontaneous improvisations and most of all, his expressions are something that will leave you on the floor gasping for breath!

We all have heard of Stand-up comedians like George Carlin, Papa CJ and more. Russell Peters is one Stand-up comedian that only stands out because of his very “in your face” humor but also the fact that he doesn’t really mind making fun of his own origins which is something a lot of people are particular about.

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