Spreading Colours with Holi Events

Written by Prajakta Nagore

With the advent of spring in India, people of all age groups keenly look forward to celebrating Holi because it is the most colorful festival in India. People are all filled with zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate this festival with their family and friends. They throw colored powder and balloons filled with water on one another. Nowadays, Holi events are being organised to celebrate this festival in a much better way. Listed below are two Holi parties in Delhi.

Rang barse 2.0  – Holi fiesta for kids

Rang Barse 2.0 - Holi Fiesta For Kids

Last year’s overwhelming response has encouraged organizers to hold this fiesta again with much more pomp and goodies. This event will be held from 12 pm on Saturday, 7th March at Bellas N Bambinos in Gurgaon. The fiesta is meant only for kids aged between 2.5 years to 12 years. The event will start with a story session in which the story of Holi will be told. A session of art and craft will follow this. Afterwards, flower holi will be played by participants followed by abeer and gulal holi. Music will be played on dhol and other instruments. In between, children will be given snacks to energise and play holi with full masti. In short, children will have a gala time playing holi here. 

Let’s Get Colored Event

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There is a Holi event for the full family in which there will be DJs playing folk music and Rajasthani songs accompanied by dhol. People can drench themselves in colours in a pool or rain dance, sprinklers or canon guns. Their appetite will also be taken care of with pakoras, thandai and other sweets and later a lavish lunch. There are also fun games and camel rides. The event starts at 10 am on Tuesday, 10 March at the Blue Camp, Haryana. So bring in your friends and family to enjoy Holi. 

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